At this stage, Claire's Sydney based Chair Yoga classes are still on hold until centres re-open. In the meantime, Claire is offering LIVE online Chair Yoga classes twice a week (Monday 12pm and Saturday 9am AEST) via Facebook in her LV Chair Yoga Australia Group. There is also a free class on Zoom every Friday at 10am. She will be offering access to extra classes and tips via her newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter and get the first video: Chair Yoga for calming the mind straight away.


LV Chair Yoga Australia brings you Chair Yoga Classes that are both based in traditional wisdom of the Yoga Teachings, and up to date with the latest scientific research and techniques. It is a blend of the 5000 year old postures (asanas) and breathing techniques, plus mindfulness, medtitation, and many other modalities that are beneficial for the students. 

Who can practice Chair Yoga?

EveryBODY! LV Chair Yoga is taught in a way that is supportive and inclusive for all members of the community. In addition to adapting the poses for use on a chair, we modify them to take into account the fact that everyone has a different level of flexibility (or range of motion).  Therefore, LV Chair Yoga includes different levels so everybody can participate regardless of age, level of experience or ability. Everyone in the session can adapt their 'chairasana' to suit their own personal needs.The student can take an approach that may be gentle and mindful, or more dynamic and challenging. This innovative fitness approach makes our chair yoga programs suitable for all ages and all levels. We always remind our students that no matter the level of flexibility they achieve on any given day, they are receiving all the health benefits of LV Chair Yoga. 

Classes and sessions can be held in:

* Corporate Offices

* Yoga Studios

* Aged Care Facilities

* Community Centres

* Hospitals

* Gyms/Fitness Centres

* Schools

* Private Homes

* Via Skype/Online

* Any chair, anywhere!


What are the benefits of Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga offers you the ability to improve your health through an amazing form of adaptive exercise.  You are supported by your teacher and a chair throughout the whole class so you can receive yoga’s healing and restorative benefits that have been known for thousands of years. There is no getting up and down from the chair - all the postures are performed seated, which removes fear of falling, or the need for extra space. 

Yoga relaxes your body and mind, improves your musculoskeletal fitness and flexibility, and elevates your overall health and well-being. Some other benefits that our students have experienced include:

* Improved strength, mobility, stability and balance 

* Improved self esteem and sense of self empowerment

* Decreased stress and anxiety levels

* Improved balance between both sides of body

* Improved energy, mental clarity and productivity

* Decreased feelings of loneliness and depression

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Some more LV Chair Yoga program reviews:

"...this is a competently instructed, well-organized and accessible program suitable for all levels of students."
Contributing editor Richard Rosen, Yoga Journal

"The techniques that Lakshmi teaches arthritis patients are very valuable in reducing pain and increasing function.  When patients have participated in

Lakshmi's programs, there have been clear gains"
Maria Greenwald, MD FACR

"A great pick-me-up for my afternoon slump.  Better than coffee or sugar."
Lynn McCarthy - Assistant Manager, Disney Studio

"Chair Yoga can magically open doorways to all those who seek all the benefits of yoga.  Lakshmi Voelker teaches from not just a deep understanding of the transformative power of yoga, but from her heart and her conviction as to how these practices can safely bring those with limited flexibility to a profound state of harmony, balance and healing."
Sudhir Jonathan Foust -  Senior Teacher and former President, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health

Monday 9-



Monday 9am (45mins)


St Helen's Community Centre

184 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe

Cost: FREE


Friday 12:15pm (45mins)

Cliff Noble Activity Centre

Renwick & Suttor St, Alexandria

Cost: $2


Friday 11am (45mins)

Ultimo Community Centre

40 William Henry Street, Ultimo

Cost: FREE



We have certified teachers in many other areas in Australia and worldwide who are already teaching, or available for new classes, workshops and events.

Please contact us, or check our teachers page to find a teacher in your area. 

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