LV Chair Yoga Australia Group Survey

First of all THANKYOU for taking the time to fill this survey out. Your answers will help me to know what I can do to make our already wonderful group even better for you. Please feel free to let me know your honest answers, and keep in mind that your suggestions are valued and heard. I will try my best to find out what works best for you, and me, and together we can create a happy place to share Chair Yoga and support each other! 

Which of these best describe you? You can pick more than one
On average, how many classes do you attend in our group each week?
Of those classes, do you mostly attend LIVE Classes or REPLAY?
If you do not attend classes, what is/are the main reason/s?
What are the best times and days for you to attend live sessions? (All times are in AEST, to check your timezone use converter)
Would it be helpful to receive a weekly email reminder of our upcoming live sessions (including classes and other sessions like meditations etc)?
Would you ever consider investing a small monthly contribution to support Claire and our group and ensure we can continue to offer regular classes? The investment would also mean we could add more exciting things in our group such as exclusive offers, workshops, challenges, competitons, extra special live sessions, plus discounts on courses and trainings.

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