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This month's topic: Hips and Knees


Pain in the hips and knees or hip/knee replacements is a common challenge that we come across as we teach our students, or perhaps we've even experienced it ourselves.


So how can we look after our hips and knees while we are practicing Chair Yoga? And what can we do on the chair to help support them?


We will explore:
• Anatomy of the hips/knees
• What are some of the causes of hip/knee pain?
• What are some techniques and tips that can help protect the hips/knees while practicing Chair Yoga?
• What are some of the precautions to take while practicing on the chair and what are some of the Chairasanas to be conscious of?
• What are some chairasanas that might assist in supporting the hips/knees?
• Q&A


If you would like to improve your knowledge and skills in this area then join us. Learn, grow, share and connect with other LV Chair Yoga Teachers in a safe, inclusive space.

MMCircle15 - Hips and Knees

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