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Welcome, future Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM Teacher! Here are the simple Terms and Conditions / Code of Conduct for studying LV Chair YogaTM. Please read them before committing to enrolling on one of our courses.




All sessions must be attended (unless previously agreed with your course teacher) and assessments passed to become a qualified Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM Teacher, to receive your certificate, and to be insurable.

Admission to the course does not guarantee a successful pass. You must fulfil the requirements of the course to receive your certificate.

You must abide by the code of conduct for teachers and teacher trainers set out below.

You must reference LV Chair YogaTM or Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM or when using any copyrighted or trademarked material (paper based or online). 

You may not reproduce, or change in any way, any content or materials from the course, including the Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM or LV Chair Yoga AustraliaTM logo without prior permission.

The manual and handouts given during the training are for Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM Teachers and Teacher Trainers; it is permitted to copy/share them in moderation for/with your students only. For any other use, you must seek written permission from Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM beforehand.


You will not divulge any of the course information on any student and trainer online/social media forum or share the videos and content with others. This is to maintain the standard and integrity of the training.

You must maintain good standards of practice and clear records for the duration of both your course and your work as a Teacher.

You must not train others to teach Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM without first undergoing and passing the Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM “Training the Trainers” qualification.

Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM does not guarantee employment at the end of the course.

These terms and conditions may be updated by Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM in the future as seen fit.

All payment plans entered into must be completed as per the plan policy, and there are no refunds once materials are sent and you have access to the training.




Each Teacher and Teacher Trainer shall act in a professional and helpful manner when teaching, demonstrating or otherwise practicing Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM.

Students’ details shall be kept confidential, and only shared if the student gives their consent, and then only with the specific people the student has consented for the information to be shared with.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers will teach and work with students in a respectful and compassionate manner, maintaining healthy boundaries, and working with an attitude that welcomes people from any background or level of ability.

Negative discrimination and prejudice are not acceptable on any level.

Although Teachers and Teacher Trainers will naturally get on with some students better than others, it is essential that favouritism is not displayed in classes, and equal attention is given to all students.

If students present with serious medical conditions or physical issues, the student must be asked to obtain advice from a doctor before attending class.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers will refer to the Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM (or LV Chair YogaTM) program in their marketing materials. When practicing or teaching as a Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM Teacher or Teacher Trainer, they will list their qualification as either: Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM Teacher (LVCYT) or Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM Teacher Trainer.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers will present a professional image of Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM and not say negative things about the program or other teachers, out of respect, but instead address any concerns they may have in an appropriate and mature manner.

Please remember that the effect we can have on people’s lives may extend quite far beyond simply teaching chair yoga, so it is important to behave in a compassionate, calm and kind manner exhibiting knowledge and wisdom and proper humour.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers should endeavour to keep up to date with the latest developments in yoga and Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM.

When storing students’ data, either on paper or in digital format, Teachers and Teacher Trainers must comply with data protection laws relevant in their country/area.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers should try to enjoy and expand their own yoga practice, ensuring that they have good health, mood and energy levels and protecting these by balancing their work on/with others with working enough on themselves.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers may copy/share Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM materials in moderation with students but will not reproduce them, especially in mass or in the context of rebranding them as their own, unless given written permission from Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM.

Teachers and Teacher Trainers will not divulge any of the shared information on any student and trainer online/social media forum and will communicate in a positive and useful manner.

This code of conduct may be updated by Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM in the future as seen fit.


It only remains for us to welcome you to this exciting and powerful way of working with people through Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM. Together we will be changing lives and making a difference in this world. Welcome to Lakshmi Voelker Chair YogaTM!

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