Each month we will come together in circle, as a way for us to connect with each other, as a community, to share (if we choose) and be present to meditate together. By doing this together as a group, my hope is that we can cultivate more meaningful connections at a deeper level. And by meditating together as a group, we can cultivate some peace both within and for the collective as a whole.

This month's topic: Full Moon Circle


In our universe, we are all composed of elements that are interconnected and everything has an impact on each other. Different cultures regard the moon to have some religious and spiritual significance and is traditionally believed to affect the movement and flow of water in creation. The moon has an effect on us too - can you feel the energy is different around the full moon? I do! And my cats certainly show it too!

Which astrological sign the moon is in at any given time can also affect us in our daily lives. In this circle we will be tapping in to the energies of the Full Moon which is in Gemini. We will have a short discussion to learn more about the moon energy and how to work with it, a ritual to integrate the energy of this full moon, a reading from the Moon Deck and a guided Full Moon meditation.

I'm looking forward to connecting with you then!

Open to everybody, no experience necessary

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